Our Mission for Open Education

Port Education strives to deliver high quality technology and skill-based education. Learn from the open community's best with our workshops and courses.


Get the best learning possible by being taught first-hand from industry professionals. Port Education's instructors bring their wealth of experience from the community - from fields of data science, web development, cybersecurity and more. We have an open application process and if you are interested in becoming an instructor, we invite you to apply.


We believe learning should be open to all. After a Port course has been completed, course material will be open-sourced for the future. This ensures that all our material is rigorously reviewed, tested and improved over each course run. If you are conducting our courses yourself, your contribution and feedback is always welcome for us to improve as well.


All our courses are crafted based on today's industry needs. Hence, we do not believe in 'bootcamp' education as it will not provide a course attendee with the depth to stay relevant in the industry. Bootcamps do not have a high success rate due to material being rushed. Your learning should be continuous and what you pay to learn should always be subject to open review.

Industry Experience

We believe the best practice comes from real-world needs for your work. In our courses, we match students to real companies and individuals that require your skills. It is necessary and also increases the chance of an attendee's success after the course. This helps you achieve a more relevant view of what is needed by companies, build up your skill-set and also provide people with the right solutions.


Lastly, we also believe in having fun when you learn. We actively engage the community in events, activities and workshops. If you are looking to host an event, do speak to us! Suitable events host for free at our locations.